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Compare Different Drills

What Type Of Drill Should I Choose?


A drill is essential to any self-respecting handyman. But between price differentials and differences between the models, choose the drill that suits his needs is not always obvious.

Sold between £50 and £800, drills fall into two main categories: wired or wireless. Both tools are complementary. The first, more powerful, is expected to address the drilling hard materials. Secondly, it’s mainly for screwing in soft materials. However, one can sometimes replace the other.

Battery drill or wireless drill?

  • For screwing, wireless is more convenient, but a corded drill is suitable.
  • For drilling hard materials (concrete walls, granite tiles), it is imperative wired hammer drill more than 500 W.
  • For drilling of soft materials (soft concrete, plaster, brick), you need a drill wired but wireless combi drill may work, if it is percussion.
  • For drilling in metal, wired drill is irreplaceable, except occasionally by some models without high performance wire.
  • For drilling in wood and wireless, both are the case.

With or without percussion?

Percussion drilling is only used minerals (plaster, brick, and concrete tender), therefore useless for screwing and drilling in wood and metal.

Tension, so what?

In general, the higher the voltage, the higher the unit is powerful, and it is expensive. Voltage will depend on the couple. The choice of the voltage depends on the type of work planned and frequency. For simple screwing in the woods or in the ankles, lower voltages (12 V) will suffice. For heavy and regular work, drill wire is required. For intermediate situations, small regular DIY and occasional heavy lifting, wireless is also sufficient, provided select a device voltage of 14.4 V or more.

Let’s talk about ergonomics. It is advisable to take control of the device before buying to see if the shape suits you. The ideal drill stands well in hand, without imbalance and controls are easily accessible. It is neither too light, a sign of weakness, not too heavy, which would make it difficult to handle, especially at arm’s length.

What type of battery?

The batteries can be divided into three families: Ni-Cd, Ni-MH and Li-ion (see glossary “Batteries”). For environmental reasons, we do not recommend Ni-Cd (which is doomed to disappear within 2 years) and performance reasons, we recommend the Li-ion. On wireless, autonomy is an element of prime importance. Most batteries have a capacity of 1.5 ampere-hours (Ah), but 2 or 3 Ah that require very gently on the market actually prolong the battery life.

One or two batteries?

One battery is sufficient if the use is occasional and relatively brief. For larger jobs, you’d better have a spare battery that can be used when the first, once emptied, will be supported.

The charger is it important?

More than you might think. Avoid absolutely chargers that have no light: not only do we not know if the load is actually in progress (the outlet or charger may be faulty!), But it is not known when it is completed. We may then overload can damage the battery. The best is to have an indicator of current load and another that signals the end. There are three types of chargers: classic (more than 1 h 30 charge), fast (1 hour 30 minutes max) and ultra-fast (10-30 minutes), or ICS charger.

What accessories?

A “well equipped” device must be supplied with at least two mechanical speeds and a fast charger (less than 1 h 30) with indicators “current load” and “charge complete”, one or two Li-ion high capacity (more than 2 Ah) a quick stop rotating; blocking automatic rotating shaft and a speed at the gate, the need for screwing and unscrewing and drilling large diameter which are at low speed. Incidentally, you can enjoy a second handle (usually removable) if you use the percussion.

Also good to know

Some devices have a speed gearbox that cans double the torque and thus better control of the screw while leaving the drill motor. Others offer as an accessory a depth stop, adjustable rod that stops drilling when the desired depth is reached. Chuck is also important. This section, located at the end of the drill and responsible for maintaining the drill or screwdriver bit can take two forms. The classic Chuck used both hands using a wrench, still preferred by most professionals because it offers the ability to significantly tighten the drill. For DIY enthusiasts, the keyless chuck is ideal because it allows you to install a bit faster and with one hand. And to prevent accidents and improve convenience, some drills are equipped with a system to stop the chuck when the trigger is released.

Hacking Loot Boxes – Overwatch Hacks


Hacking Loot Boxes

In every game, there are ways to cheat. But cheating itself does not imply getting banned from the site or game. It is legal and there are ways to cheat so that you don’t annoy other people. The cheats are also shared so other users also can learn.

There are aimbots to help you aim your gun automatically and get you kills. Wallhacks allow you to see both enemies and allies using objects and there are some minor client-side hacks like speedhacks, walking through walls, no spread and no recoil. You will however not find any god modes, money hacks, cool down hacks, or level hacks of any kind. One can always cheat in Playstation 4 and Xbox One is possible, it is better to use a PC.

If one annoys other users, they may get banned. In any shooting game, using Aimbot software is the most common and effective way to cheat. The regular aimbot is available to lock down targets by pressing a key or holding a button down and can be configured to automatically shoot targets. Other advanced version will also take into account the movement of targets to try and lead the target yet others can even account for bullet travel time and bullet drop of certain heroes like Phara with her rocket launcher, Torbjorn etc. The aimbot can also help you deal a lot more damage than usual. But there are drawbacks of using aimbot hacks as always. After the kill is done, people use kill cams but that makes it very easy to spot aimbots and if cheaters who get their hands on such software they get easily noticed and banned. So, use cheats but make sure to hide them adequately.

How Easy/Difficult it is find cheats?

Once in a while hacks develop here and there and some people may not find it worthwhile to develop cheats for the game but you may be able to use them when available. Joining the groups can be expensive. They must also be trustworthy and else one leak or if one player abuses the cheat, the entire group may get banned.

Some advanced groups are private and restricted to a limited number of people. But prepared to experience difficulty in cheating consistently for a long time. Scripts are available but there are risks of putting the account at risk.

Here’s one Site that Helps you hack using Tools

Loot boxes helps you collect items such as alternate skins, highlight intros, emotes, voice lines, sprays and more gives you legendary hacks and you can get them for free. Their Loot Box is compatible with all gaming platforms such as Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

There are other sites too such that provide users with free Overwatch Loot Boxes tool. You can add Overwatch free Loot Boxes with your Mobile device or Desktop. The tool helps you add Loot Boxes only.

Specifics of using the tool – user needs to check if the tool is “online”. If the status shows “online”, it will be marked green. After typing your username, choose the number of Loot Boxes you want to add. One can buy Skins and Spraylogos using these Overwatch Hacks Loot Boxes.

There will be a validation of your account and after its success the Loot Boxes will be added to your account.

Bay Window Made To Meausre

Enhancing the Look of Your Home with the Right Curtain Poles


One way of efficiently decorating your home is to every single detail of your home complete its overall theme. Including the smallest elements such as curtain poles. Using curtain poles is of the best ways of incorporating functionality to home decoration. Available in various and numerous designs, and made from different materials, poles and tracks can be used for hanging curtains and drapes that enhances the look of any room in the house.

Things to Consider in Buying Curtain Poles to Enhance the Look of Your Home Interior

Consider the Entire Look of the Room You Will Decorate

Poles are just small elements to compliment the theme or the design of a room. So picking the right poles or tracks should be based on the kind of look you want to achieve. You should also consider the suitable material of the curtain pole depending on the type of window you have and the curtain you will use. Going for the poles suitable for all curtain types is also a great way minimise the cost of decorating the room.

Buying Complete Kits is A Great Option to Consider

A very popular option is buying complete kits of curtain poles. Complete kits include the pole itself, finials, brackets and rings for hanging the curtains or drapes. It is a great option consider since you will buy a whole set made from a single material. Kits also come in a single theme or design, making it easier to pair with curtains or blending it with the interior look of the room.

Consider the Size of the Curtain Poles to Buy

Make sure to take a look at the window where you use the curtain pole you will buy. It will keep you from buying longer poles that would be awkward looking, ruining the entire design of the room you are decorating.

Picking the Right Type of Curtain Poles for Decorating Your Interior Decoration

Curtain poles come in a huge variety of styles and sizes; they are ideally used to complement different window designs and to hang curtains and drapes that would go with the entire look of the room. Both wooden and metal poles are intended to complement all types of fabrics and design to make the room more vibrant and attractive. However, choosing the right type of poles can be tricky, but with these tips, you will surely get the right one that will go with the room design you are trying to achieve.

Tips on Picking the Correct Type of Curtain Poles for Your Room

Complementing Your Design – To pick the right type of curtain poles to buy, you will have to consider the entire room design you are going for. It will allow you to pick the perfect pole that will complement the whole look of the room you are trying to decorate.

Bay Windows Can Use Angled Poles – Most poles available in the market can be extended or can be cut into shorter ones. However, there are also angle poles that you can use for bay windows, poles that will directly complement those types of windows, making it more attractive and beautiful.

Complete Kits is A Good Thing – For easy pairings and to make it easier for you to blend the poles with curtains and the entire look of the room, you can go for the complete kits. These kits include the pole itself, rings, finials and the brackets. They are made from the same material, and they have an asymmetrical design that makes it easier to use as decoration.

Buy the Right Size – Make sure to purchase the right size of poles to use. Take a look at the window where you will use the poles, buying bigger poles will ruin the entire look of the room and make it look too awkward.

move house bristol

Move House & Still Stay Organised


Moving house with out having a checklist is similar to planning to the store with out a food list. It can be achieved however you will find yourself completely disorganised and without 50% of what you need. A moving house checklist can provide you with the platform to keep you on task through the preparing process and it is likely to make the method so significantly easier.

When you’re moving to a new house, you will find there are more expenses than you may have actually considered. To be able to approach accordingly, you should know just what to anticipate as it pertains to the price of moving house.

The last time I transferred house, the man who stumbled on switch off the gasoline looked over me pityingly and said that he shook in his shoes each time he remembered his shift! Well, he was correct! If I’d identified a few of the moving techniques outlined in this information, I really could have saved a hill of money!

Whether you intend to go locally or interstate the most important action to take first is “Program” every detail. If you plan properly everything can belong to place. Firstly you will need to eliminate everything you may not require; in the event that you pare down you are able to save precious pounds in your genuine treatment process.

There is nothing more fascinating than finding the perfect home to go into. For equally a first-time customer and a professional homeowner it could be a wonderful time but can be just as stressful.

Going house is typically considered the 3rd many stressful issue that you can certainly do in your life following demise and divorce. There exists a big not known factor when moving house and a quantity of uncertainty as you pack up your entire possessions and shift from one position to a different but with your of use moving house ideas there is number reason at all that moving house necessary in your number on most stressful things.

We Like 2 Move It offer various removal services in Bristol, get in contact to find out how they can help make moving house less stressful!


Gourmesso Coffee Review


As an avid coffee drinker, I’m constantly looking for quick and affordable ways to get my daily fix. Having an at-home Nespresso maker is ten times easier than going to a café (especially when you drink 3-4 cups a day!), but the price of the capsules can really add up. To feed my coffee addiction, I turned to the Internet to find a more economical solution.

Recently, I tried out compatible capsules from Gourmesso, and I was thoroughly impressed by the quality. Being a creature of habit, I wasn’t super set on straying from what I knew, but I’m glad I took that leap of faith. Not only were the Gourmesso capsules $0.20 less, but the quality was comparable with the high-end brands.

The first blend I tried was the Chocolate-Flavored espresso (Soffio Cioccolato). With rich flavor, full aroma, and thick crema, this was one of the best cups of espresso I’ve had in quite some time. The chocolate flavoring was present, but subtle enough that it didn’t take away from the richness of the espresso itself. I also tried the caramel, vanilla, and coconut flavors, all of which tasted natural compared to the artificial flavoring in most coffees/espressos.

In addition to having great flavored blends, Gourmesso also has an extensive selection of espresso with varying degrees of intensity. I decided to go all out and try the Etiopia Blend Forte with an intensity of 10. With a little steamed milk, it tasted just like a fancy drink in a café but at a fraction of the cost. Being only $0.45 a capsule, I may start to experiment more with drink recipes. Also, a lot of the blends are FairTrade certified and come directly from coffee farmers. It’s pretty hard to find capsules with FairTrade coffee, so that was a nice surprise.

The Gourmesso capsules are definitely more modest than the ones from Nespresso, but they still fit just the same. The capsules from Gourmesso are plastic and are sold in increments of ten. I had no problem with using the capsules in my Nespresso Pixie machine, and I’m sure the same holds true for any OriginalLine Nespresso coffee machine.

I highly recommend buying the capsules in a bundle, not only to figure out what you like, but it also saves money. After trying out the chocolate flavor, I bought the flavor bundle and the espresso bundle to get a better feel for what I liked. Another added bonus for buying in bundles, there’s free shipping when you spend $50 or more! The payment process was easy and secure, and I was able to receive my coffee in under a week.

Overall, I was very pleased with my Gourmesso experience. Although there is an added sense of luxury that comes with Nespresso, the cost really starts to add up on a daily basis. What I liked the most about Gourmesso was that I wasn’t forced to compromise my love of quality espresso with the need to be frugal. Even if you don’t drink 3 cups a day, I really suggest trying out Gourmesso to get your daily fix, while saving money!


Plant Kingdom Facts


1. Cabbage contains 91 percent of water inside it.
2. In Arabic, fingers are called as banana.
3. Ginkgo biloba or Ginkgo is amongst the first living tree species on earth.
4. A bunch of bananas is known as hand and it contains ten to twenty bananas which are called as fingers.
5. There are more than 300,000 recognized species of plant in the world and this list is rising constantly.
6. Oak trees have more odds of being hit by the lightning as compared to any other type of tree.

Random Weather Facts


1. The naming of tropical storms and hurricanes officially begun in the year 1953.
2. Every second, around eighteen hundred thunderstorms occur on this planet on average with hundred lightning strikes every second!
3. A water molecule stays inside the earth’s atmosphere for ten to twelve days on average.
4. The maximum speed at which a falling raindrop could strike you is 18 miles per hour!
5. A Rainbow is nothing but a light which gets refracted thru millions of water droplets.

Plants Facts and Info


1. The original color of carrots was purple.
2. The baobab tree in Africa is able to store 1,000 liters – 120,000 liters of water inside its trunk.
3. Oak trees create acorns only after they’re 50 years old or more!
4. Inside a coffee plant, caffeine acts like a pesticide.
5. The Great Barrier Reef which is more than 2000 km long is the biggest living structure in the world.
6. Wrigely’s gum was the first item to have a barcode.
7. Avocados contain the greatest amount of calories than any other fruit nearly 167 Cal per 100 grams.

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Advantages offered by a French press coffee maker

Food & Drink

Nowadays, a healthy drink has become an important part of any regular diet. It gives the human body additional efforts for working capabilities. There are many kinds of health drinks available like tea, coffee, milk etc. Coffee is one health drink, among all of these, that lies in the top category levels. Certain facts obviously point out to such a fact. Coffee is prepared at a rate of 12000 cups every second in the world.

Coffee is certainly more effective when it is prepared well by using appropriate techniques. There are many kitchen appliances and other accessories available in the market to do this job. French press coffee maker or a coffee press is one among them. It is a special tool used to prepare this tasty beverage and is very easy to operate and clean up. That is why it can be easily accommodated in your kitchens at home. The coffee prepared by French press coffee maker does not lose any of its natural taste and strength. This particular characteristic separates this device from other coffee makers.

Exceptional features and prosperity

Some extraordinary benefits of this coffee making machine are discussed below:
• Nearly 51% of coffee drinkers like to drink this beverage at home, which requires time to brew. In this respect, a French press coffee maker saves a huge time.
• The temperature of water is very important at the time of preparing coffee. If the water is not heated correctly, then good coffee can never be prepared. This critical problem is solved by the French press coffee makers, as it allows users to control the temperature of water that’s heated separately.
• Many coffee machines have different filters in the brewing chamber, which can have some negative effects on coffee. These filters consume the natural essential oils that are released from the coffee beans during the brewing process. A French press coffee machine does not contain any filters.
• The brewing method using a French Press is much easier than other machines.
• The French Press allows the flavors and important oil of the coffee to mix with the water fully.
• After preparing tasty coffee, the method to clean up is very easy.

Best French press coffee machines

These are some best French press coffee makers.

•    Bodum Chambord – This is one of the most popular designs in the world of coffee making. It boasts of the following features:
•    Can prepare 8 cups of coffee at a time.
•    Long-lasting.
•    Dishwasher-safe.
•    Stainless-steel press technology.
•    Grosche Rome – This is a new product in the French Press market. This is well designed with a snug fitting plunger in a sturdy metal frame. Some parts of it are made of tough plastic. The use of plastic keeps the coffee hot for long time.
•    Frieling Stainless steel Insulated French Press – This kind of French Press coffee maker is appropriate for those users who have the tendency to break the glass appliances frequently. It is also the best way to keep the coffee cool in hot summer.
•    Bodum Columbia – This is a fashionable version of a thermal press. It can keep coffee hot for up to two hours.

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Random Facts about Animals


1. The locations of eyes in a donkey is such that it allows it to see all its 4 legs all times.
2. Any product that is created from caffeine can be harmful for dogs.
3. A female koala has 2 vaginas.
4. The body of every elephant is covered with hair.
5. An oyster can transform its gender depending upon which ones suits it the best.
6. Only fireflies are able to give off the light without creating heat.
7. When one half of a dolphin’s brain sleeps, the other half allows it to come to the water surface to breath or else it will drown.

Strange Weather Facts


1. One cubic mile of normal fog consist of not more than 1 gallon of water!
2. Snowflakes which are falling at a speed of two to four miles per hour may take up to 60 minutes before reaching the ground!
3. On average, 1200 tornadoes hit the United States each single year which is more than any other country.
4. The air present near a lightning bolt gets heated to nearly thirty thousand degree Celsius which is five times hotter as opposed to the sun’s surface.
5. One average, a tornado funnel is around 100 – 200 yards wide, but its width can reach up to one mile!

Random Plant Facts


1. 85 percent of plant life exists inside the ocean.
2. Banana has a natural element that can make you feel happy.
3. 50 percent of the global oxygen supply is produced by the rainforests in Amazon.
4. Apple contains 25 percent air, hence it is able to float on the water.
5. Peaches, apricots, apples, strawberries, and quinces come from a rose family.
6. Potatoes, onions and apples taste the same, just eat them with your nose closed in order to test them.
7. The tears while cutting the onion result due to the sulfuric acid contained inside the onion!


Incredible Facts about Plants


1. The only fruit bearing its seeds outside is strawberry. On average, strawberry contains two hundred seeds.
2. It is good to leave the skin on potatoes when you are cooking because it contains all the vitamins.
3. Human beings use nearly 2000 plants of different size, shape and type to prepare their food.
4. Small air pockets present in the cranberries allow them to float & bounce on water.
5. Even though sunflower appears to be a single large flower, the fact is its every head contains hundreds of little flowers which are known as florets.

New Honda Jazz?


There has been rumored to be a new Honda Jazz in 2015.

When will it be released? The experts are saying late 2015.

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New BMW 1 Series


Last week BMW announced their new BMW 1 Series, it’s a stunning looking car.

The designers at BMW have truly pulled the cat out of the bag on this one.


Vehicle Contract hire companies are desperately trying to pre-order the popular vehicle to offer their cheap leasing rates!

Southern Van Hire and First Vehicle Leasing are going to be one of the first companies in Southampton to get hold of the vehicles.

Animal Facts You Didn’t Knew


1. A skunk will never throw its scent and bit all at once.
2. A whale fisherman kills one hundred whales each single day.
3. If you take out an eye of a snail, it’ll develop another one.
4. A goldfish is most commonly known as jaws.
5. A cow poops sixteen times every day on average!
6. The stone fish is known to be the most poisonous fish on earth.
7. Killer whales are actually a species of dolphins.
8. In dogs, sweat glands are present in the middle of their paws.
9. Around 70 percent of human DNA matches with a slug.

animals kids

Animal Facts for Kids


1. A woodpecker pecks twenty times every second.
2. Fleas jumps up-to two hundred times its height which equals to a person jumping till the height of the Empire State Building in the New York City.
3. Majority of the elephants weigh not more than a blue whale’s tongue.
4. There are 248 muscle tissues inside the head of a garden caterpillar.
5. The fat contents in the milk of a reindeer is more than that of a cow.
6. Sheep and goats breed only in a particular season.
7. An adult elephant is able to smell water present three miles away.

Sun Facts for Kids


1. At almost 865,000 miles (1,392,000 km) wide, the diameter of the Sun is nearly 110 times wider as compared to the Earth.
2. Hydrogen occupies nearly 74 percent of the entire mass of the 3. Sun. While 24 percent of the mass consists of helium and heavier substances like oxygen, iron, neon and carbon make up the remainder of its mass.
4. It takes almost eight minutes for the sun light to reach the earth.
5. The core temperature of the Sun is almost 13600000 degrees Celsius!
6. The surface temperature of the Sun is nearly 9941 degrees Fahrenheit (5500 degrees Celsius).

Facts about Our Star


1. Sun is located right at the center of our Solar System.
2. The star creates huge percentage of energy by uniting the nuclei of hydrogen in helium. It is known as nuclear fusion.
3. Due to the huge impact created by the Sun on the Earth, most early cultures considered the star as a god. Ancient Egyptians, for instance praised a sun god “Ra” whereas in the Aztec mythology you will find a sun god called as Tonatiuh.
4. Due to its powerful magnetic field, Earth is able to deflect majority of the charged particles coming from the Sun.
5. When the Moon comes in between the Earth and the Sun, we call it as the Solar Eclipse.

baby deer

Weird Animal Facts


1. A baby water deer found in China is so small that it could be held inside the palm of your hand.
2. The chow is the lone dog who does not have a pink tongue.
3. Creatures like turtles, alligators, crocodiles, dolphins, water snakes, whales could drown if they stay underwater for a long time.
4. Chinese farmers own almost 50 percent of the entire pig population worldwide.
5. There is no gall bladder present in a deer.
6. On average, there are around 50k spiders in every acre in the green regions.

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Interesting Food Facts


1. Grapes can explode if you place them in a microwave oven!
2. At first, tomatoes were considered poisonous!
3. Heineken beer is intended to foam for five minutes exactly.
4. Ice cream came from China.
5. Inside two hours of staying inside the direct sunlight, milk tends to lose more than 50 percent of its vitamin B amount!
6. Dark chocolate can minimize your odds of suffering from heart illnesses!
7. Goat’s milk is more popular as compared to cow’s milk!
8. Beer is the oldest of all recipes known to us.

Animal Trivia


1. A goldfish will become pale if kept inside a dark room.
2. On average, every fox weighs around fourteen pounds.
3. The weight of a single elephant tooth could be around nine pounds.
4. During the period of Second World War, the US military tried training bats for bombing their enemy countries.
5. A grey wolf is scientifically called as Canis lupus lupus.
6. Animals created thirty times more leftovers as compared to human beings. This is close to 1.4 billion tons each single year.
7. Ants do not have lungs.
8. Each cow creates 400 liter bottles of harmful methane gas every day.

Funny Animal Facts


1. Arsenic contained inside pear & apple seeds could result in the death of a dog.
2. In each cow, there are 4 stomachs.
3. An anteater which is almost six feet long has mouth which is only one inch wide.
4. The weight of a blue whale is equal to the weight of 30 adult elephants.
5. You could produce a ton of milk within a day if you have a herd of 60 cows.
6. You will be able to detect a skunk’s smell even if you’re a mile away from it.
7. Cats have been with human beings for only seven thousand years.

Animal Facts You Must Know


1. A black panther actually is none other than a black leopard.
2. Honey bees have been on earth for nearly thirty million years.
3. An afghan hound is known to be the dumbest of all dogs on earth.
4. Each ear of a cat contains thirty two muscles.
5. In Latin, a moose is known as alces alces.
6. Animals like Iguanas, komodo dragons and koalas all have 2 penises!
7. The ancestors of kangaroos used to live on the trees. At present there are 18 species of tree kangaroos.
8. Scientists were successfully able to conduct a brain surgery operation on cockroaches.

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Animal Facts That Will Shock You


1. In Alaska whispering in somebody’s ear when they are hunting for moose is considered illegal.
2. In mammals, only bat can fly.
3. The bones in the legs of the bats are so thin that they can’t walk.
4. The only animals who’re eaten before their birth & after their death are fish and chicken.
5. A tarantula species of spiders could survive for over 2 years without eating.
6. Although, a cow can sleep while standing, it could only dream lying down.
7. There are 1 million ants for each person on earth.

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human body facts

Unbelievable Facts about Human Body

Human Body

1. Each square inch of your body is a home to 32 million microbes on average.

2. There are more microorganisms inside the mouth of every person than the combine human population of Canada & the US.

3. The weight of an average human head is around ten pounds.

4. Human eyeballs contain 3.5% of salt.

5. Every persons sheds around 600,000 skin particles each hour. This is around1.5 lbs. per year. Till the age of 70 years, a normal person loses 105 lbs. of his skin.

6. You lose more calories when you are asleep than you lose while watching TV.

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