Sun Facts for Kids


1. At almost 865,000 miles (1,392,000 km) wide, the diameter of the Sun is nearly 110 times wider as compared to the Earth.
2. Hydrogen occupies nearly 74 percent of the entire mass of the 3. Sun. While 24 percent of the mass consists of helium and heavier substances like oxygen, iron, neon and carbon make up the remainder of its mass.
4. It takes almost eight minutes for the sun light to reach the earth.
5. The core temperature of the Sun is almost 13600000 degrees Celsius!
6. The surface temperature of the Sun is nearly 9941 degrees Fahrenheit (5500 degrees Celsius).

Facts about Our Star


1. Sun is located right at the center of our Solar System.
2. The star creates huge percentage of energy by uniting the nuclei of hydrogen in helium. It is known as nuclear fusion.
3. Due to the huge impact created by the Sun on the Earth, most early cultures considered the star as a god. Ancient Egyptians, for instance praised a sun god “Ra” whereas in the Aztec mythology you will find a sun god called as Tonatiuh.
4. Due to its powerful magnetic field, Earth is able to deflect majority of the charged particles coming from the Sun.
5. When the Moon comes in between the Earth and the Sun, we call it as the Solar Eclipse.

baby deer

Weird Animal Facts


1. A baby water deer found in China is so small that it could be held inside the palm of your hand.
2. The chow is the lone dog who does not have a pink tongue.
3. Creatures like turtles, alligators, crocodiles, dolphins, water snakes, whales could drown if they stay underwater for a long time.
4. Chinese farmers own almost 50 percent of the entire pig population worldwide.
5. There is no gall bladder present in a deer.
6. On average, there are around 50k spiders in every acre in the green regions.

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Interesting Food Facts


1. Grapes can explode if you place them in a microwave oven!
2. At first, tomatoes were considered poisonous!
3. Heineken beer is intended to foam for five minutes exactly.
4. Ice cream came from China.
5. Inside two hours of staying inside the direct sunlight, milk tends to lose more than 50 percent of its vitamin B amount!
6. Dark chocolate can minimize your odds of suffering from heart illnesses!
7. Goat’s milk is more popular as compared to cow’s milk!
8. Beer is the oldest of all recipes known to us.

Animal Trivia


1. A goldfish will become pale if kept inside a dark room.
2. On average, every fox weighs around fourteen pounds.
3. The weight of a single elephant tooth could be around nine pounds.
4. During the period of Second World War, the US military tried training bats for bombing their enemy countries.
5. A grey wolf is scientifically called as Canis lupus lupus.
6. Animals created thirty times more leftovers as compared to human beings. This is close to 1.4 billion tons each single year.
7. Ants do not have lungs.
8. Each cow creates 400 liter bottles of harmful methane gas every day.

Funny Animal Facts


1. Arsenic contained inside pear & apple seeds could result in the death of a dog.
2. In each cow, there are 4 stomachs.
3. An anteater which is almost six feet long has mouth which is only one inch wide.
4. The weight of a blue whale is equal to the weight of 30 adult elephants.
5. You could produce a ton of milk within a day if you have a herd of 60 cows.
6. You will be able to detect a skunk’s smell even if you’re a mile away from it.
7. Cats have been with human beings for only seven thousand years.

Animal Facts You Must Know


1. A black panther actually is none other than a black leopard.
2. Honey bees have been on earth for nearly thirty million years.
3. An afghan hound is known to be the dumbest of all dogs on earth.
4. Each ear of a cat contains thirty two muscles.
5. In Latin, a moose is known as alces alces.
6. Animals like Iguanas, komodo dragons and koalas all have 2 penises!
7. The ancestors of kangaroos used to live on the trees. At present there are 18 species of tree kangaroos.
8. Scientists were successfully able to conduct a brain surgery operation on cockroaches.

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Animal Facts That Will Shock You


1. In Alaska whispering in somebody’s ear when they are hunting for moose is considered illegal.
2. In mammals, only bat can fly.
3. The bones in the legs of the bats are so thin that they can’t walk.
4. The only animals who’re eaten before their birth & after their death are fish and chicken.
5. A tarantula species of spiders could survive for over 2 years without eating.
6. Although, a cow can sleep while standing, it could only dream lying down.
7. There are 1 million ants for each person on earth.

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human body facts

Unbelievable Facts about Human Body

Human Body

1. Each square inch of your body is a home to 32 million microbes on average.

2. There are more microorganisms inside the mouth of every person than the combine human population of Canada & the US.

3. The weight of an average human head is around ten pounds.

4. Human eyeballs contain 3.5% of salt.

5. Every persons sheds around 600,000 skin particles each hour. This is around1.5 lbs. per year. Till the age of 70 years, a normal person loses 105 lbs. of his skin.

6. You lose more calories when you are asleep than you lose while watching TV.

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