Random Facts about Animals


1. The locations of eyes in a donkey is such that it allows it to see all its 4 legs all times.
2. Any product that is created from caffeine can be harmful for dogs.
3. A female koala has 2 vaginas.
4. The body of every elephant is covered with hair.
5. An oyster can transform its gender depending upon which ones suits it the best.
6. Only fireflies are able to give off the light without creating heat.
7. When one half of a dolphin’s brain sleeps, the other half allows it to come to the water surface to breath or else it will drown.

Animal Facts You Didn’t Knew


1. A skunk will never throw its scent and bit all at once.
2. A whale fisherman kills one hundred whales each single day.
3. If you take out an eye of a snail, it’ll develop another one.
4. A goldfish is most commonly known as jaws.
5. A cow poops sixteen times every day on average!
6. The stone fish is known to be the most poisonous fish on earth.
7. Killer whales are actually a species of dolphins.
8. In dogs, sweat glands are present in the middle of their paws.
9. Around 70 percent of human DNA matches with a slug.

animals kids

Animal Facts for Kids


1. A woodpecker pecks twenty times every second.
2. Fleas jumps up-to two hundred times its height which equals to a person jumping till the height of the Empire State Building in the New York City.
3. Majority of the elephants weigh not more than a blue whale’s tongue.
4. There are 248 muscle tissues inside the head of a garden caterpillar.
5. The fat contents in the milk of a reindeer is more than that of a cow.
6. Sheep and goats breed only in a particular season.
7. An adult elephant is able to smell water present three miles away.

baby deer

Weird Animal Facts


1. A baby water deer found in China is so small that it could be held inside the palm of your hand.
2. The chow is the lone dog who does not have a pink tongue.
3. Creatures like turtles, alligators, crocodiles, dolphins, water snakes, whales could drown if they stay underwater for a long time.
4. Chinese farmers own almost 50 percent of the entire pig population worldwide.
5. There is no gall bladder present in a deer.
6. On average, there are around 50k spiders in every acre in the green regions.

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Animal Trivia


1. A goldfish will become pale if kept inside a dark room.
2. On average, every fox weighs around fourteen pounds.
3. The weight of a single elephant tooth could be around nine pounds.
4. During the period of Second World War, the US military tried training bats for bombing their enemy countries.
5. A grey wolf is scientifically called as Canis lupus lupus.
6. Animals created thirty times more leftovers as compared to human beings. This is close to 1.4 billion tons each single year.
7. Ants do not have lungs.
8. Each cow creates 400 liter bottles of harmful methane gas every day.

Funny Animal Facts


1. Arsenic contained inside pear & apple seeds could result in the death of a dog.
2. In each cow, there are 4 stomachs.
3. An anteater which is almost six feet long has mouth which is only one inch wide.
4. The weight of a blue whale is equal to the weight of 30 adult elephants.
5. You could produce a ton of milk within a day if you have a herd of 60 cows.
6. You will be able to detect a skunk’s smell even if you’re a mile away from it.
7. Cats have been with human beings for only seven thousand years.

Animal Facts You Must Know


1. A black panther actually is none other than a black leopard.
2. Honey bees have been on earth for nearly thirty million years.
3. An afghan hound is known to be the dumbest of all dogs on earth.
4. Each ear of a cat contains thirty two muscles.
5. In Latin, a moose is known as alces alces.
6. Animals like Iguanas, komodo dragons and koalas all have 2 penises!
7. The ancestors of kangaroos used to live on the trees. At present there are 18 species of tree kangaroos.
8. Scientists were successfully able to conduct a brain surgery operation on cockroaches.

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Animal Facts That Will Shock You


1. In Alaska whispering in somebody’s ear when they are hunting for moose is considered illegal.
2. In mammals, only bat can fly.
3. The bones in the legs of the bats are so thin that they can’t walk.
4. The only animals who’re eaten before their birth & after their death are fish and chicken.
5. A tarantula species of spiders could survive for over 2 years without eating.
6. Although, a cow can sleep while standing, it could only dream lying down.
7. There are 1 million ants for each person on earth.

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