Plant Kingdom Facts


1. Cabbage contains 91 percent of water inside it.
2. In Arabic, fingers are called as banana.
3. Ginkgo biloba or Ginkgo is amongst the first living tree species on earth.
4. A bunch of bananas is known as hand and it contains ten to twenty bananas which are called as fingers.
5. There are more than 300,000 recognized species of plant in the world and this list is rising constantly.
6. Oak trees have more odds of being hit by the lightning as compared to any other type of tree.

Plants Facts and Info


1. The original color of carrots was purple.
2. The baobab tree in Africa is able to store 1,000 liters – 120,000 liters of water inside its trunk.
3. Oak trees create acorns only after they’re 50 years old or more!
4. Inside a coffee plant, caffeine acts like a pesticide.
5. The Great Barrier Reef which is more than 2000 km long is the biggest living structure in the world.
6. Wrigely’s gum was the first item to have a barcode.
7. Avocados contain the greatest amount of calories than any other fruit nearly 167 Cal per 100 grams.

  1. Mariela: Each seed will make on plant. Not all seeds grow though, so plant more seeds than you need. When you…

Random Plant Facts


1. 85 percent of plant life exists inside the ocean.
2. Banana has a natural element that can make you feel happy.
3. 50 percent of the global oxygen supply is produced by the rainforests in Amazon.
4. Apple contains 25 percent air, hence it is able to float on the water.
5. Peaches, apricots, apples, strawberries, and quinces come from a rose family.
6. Potatoes, onions and apples taste the same, just eat them with your nose closed in order to test them.
7. The tears while cutting the onion result due to the sulfuric acid contained inside the onion!


Incredible Facts about Plants


1. The only fruit bearing its seeds outside is strawberry. On average, strawberry contains two hundred seeds.
2. It is good to leave the skin on potatoes when you are cooking because it contains all the vitamins.
3. Human beings use nearly 2000 plants of different size, shape and type to prepare their food.
4. Small air pockets present in the cranberries allow them to float & bounce on water.
5. Even though sunflower appears to be a single large flower, the fact is its every head contains hundreds of little flowers which are known as florets.

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