Random Weather Facts


1. The naming of tropical storms and hurricanes officially begun in the year 1953.
2. Every second, around eighteen hundred thunderstorms occur on this planet on average with hundred lightning strikes every second!
3. A water molecule stays inside the earth’s atmosphere for ten to twelve days on average.
4. The maximum speed at which a falling raindrop could strike you is 18 miles per hour!
5. A Rainbow is nothing but a light which gets refracted thru millions of water droplets.


Strange Weather Facts


1. One cubic mile of normal fog consist of not more than 1 gallon of water!
2. Snowflakes which are falling at a speed of two to four miles per hour may take up to 60 minutes before reaching the ground!
3. On average, 1200 tornadoes hit the United States each single year which is more than any other country.
4. The air present near a lightning bolt gets heated to nearly thirty thousand degree Celsius which is five times hotter as opposed to the sun’s surface.
5. One average, a tornado funnel is around 100 – 200 yards wide, but its width can reach up to one mile!

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