Plants Facts and Info

Plants Facts and Info


1. The original color of carrots was purple.
2. The baobab tree in Africa is able to store 1,000 liters – 120,000 liters of water inside its trunk.
3. Oak trees create acorns only after they’re 50 years old or more!
4. Inside a coffee plant, caffeine acts like a pesticide.
5. The Great Barrier Reef which is more than 2000 km long is the biggest living structure in the world.
6. Wrigely’s gum was the first item to have a barcode.
7. Avocados contain the greatest amount of calories than any other fruit nearly 167 Cal per 100 grams.

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    Each seed will make on plant. Not all seeds grow though, so plant more seeds than you need. When you plant your seeds, foollw the directions on the package. It will tell you how much dirt to put on top, how far to space each plant, and how long it will take for the seed to start growing. Water your plants whenever the soil feels dry. You don’t want to over-water them so just make sure the soil is always damp.The best planters to start seeds are small styrofoam cups. Poke a little hole in the bottom to let the extra water out. Put that cup inside another one, without a hole, to catch th ewater so it doesn’t make a mess. Good luck on your planting and on your project!

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